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Backup and Storage

The Scorpio Web Hosting Data Center's Managed Storage Area Network (SAN) is a highly scalable and fault tolerant central network storage cluster for your critical data. Our SAN connects directly to your servers using extremely fast low latency Gigabit Ethernet connections. This allows customers to transfer data sequentially, or in parallel, without affecting the performance of the host server. Our SAN is designed with multiple redundant enterprise class disk arrays for maximum protection and reliability of your critical data.

SAN Advantages

  • Multiple Server Access to a Shared Storage Pool
  • High Availability with Dual Power Feeds and Redundant Network Connections
  • Highly Scalable Architecture without Interruption of Service
  • Transfer Rates up to 10 Gb per Second
  • One Contiguous Unit, Expandable up to 512 Terabytes

Multipath IO (MPIO) Available

MPIO improves fault-tolerance and increases performance by providing more than one physical path between your server and its mass storage device.

Scorpio Web Hosting´s SAN is Ideal For:
  • Databases (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Media libraries
  • E-mail Servers
  • Backup Archives
  • High Usage File Servers
  • And More!

Built on Enterprise Class Hardware
Our SAN Solutions are built on HP Storage Works P2000 G3 MSA Array Systems which help remedy growing storage needs .By offering high-performance 8 Gb FC, Combo FC/iSCSI, or 6 Gb SAS connected arrays designed for efficient storage consolidation at affordable prices. The FC/iSCSI Combo controller gives the flexibility to share the array resources over two protocols, supporting the needs of dissimilar departments and budgets.


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