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Cloud Computing

Cloud Hosting - A Revolutionary Technology

Technology is always striving to achieve the perfect balance between usability and convenience; productivity and ROI; efforts and labor. And in this continuous endeavor to get maximum results, Scorpio Web Hosting presents the new revolutionary technology: Cloud hosting.

What exactly is Cloud Hosting?

In technical world, a cloud is a network of several computers which are configured to deliver the best performance at reduced cost. In web hosting industry, cloud server hosting means to create a cluster of powerful web servers, and broadly identify the main components to deliver them as required and necessary. In other words, its website hosting on demand and as required. This, Cloud hosting can be broadly defined as a network or cluster of various website hosting components, delivered as virtualization service. Hence, in case one of the components is not working, then the primary services can be resumed from other working components. Cloud hosting providers usually rely on server clustering to achieve the best results from limited resources.

Maximum Results with Cloud Server Hosting

There are several distinctive advantages of cloud server hosting as compared to traditional methods of website hosting such as shared hosting or dedicated hosting. It may happen that your website suddenly attracts tremendous amount of traffic in a single day. With conventional website hosting services, the network may be jammed, cutting out the website from access. However, with cloud hosting, the website services would be up and running and there would be no interruption. Cloud hosting providers can simply add more web-servers to the existing cluster, thereby providing more strength and flexibility to the overall website hosting architecture.

Why Scorpio Web Hosting?

Scorpio Web Hosting is a pioneer in the field of cloud hosting and cloud server hosting. Having more than 10 years of glorious history in providing cutting edge and powerful website hosting and data center solutions, Go4Hosting is one of the major cloud hosting providers with impeccable track record. We provide 24 X 7 technical assistance, 365 days a year.

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