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Dedicated Firewalls

For Linux
The number and types of security breaches are at an all time high - 79% of all websites hosting malicious code are legitimate businesses like yours! The implications of a serious data breach can be disastrous including:

  • Downtime and revenue loss
  • Increased customer service and communication costs
  • Legal liability
  • Negative media exposure and damaged reputation
  • Recovery cost

Dedicated Firewalls
The good news is that we offer comprehensive security solutions designed to protect your dedicated server India and your business from multiple network threats. The first layer of defence consists of a dedicated firewall solution like Juniper SSG 550 or CISCO ASA which protects your mission-critical data from unauthorized access attempts by inspecting all inbound and outbound traffic, identifying and blocking suspicious activities - while allowing legitimate traffic to flow freely. Managed Firewall

Our Managed Firewall is cost-effective, yet powerful addition to securing your hosting infrastructure. We have a team of security engineers who monitor our network 24x7x365 who are available to help you configure and manage your firewall rules.

Virtual Private Networks(VPNs)
Improve productivity and communication by allowing secure remote access to important information for satellite offices or for employees that are on the road, without compromising security. Sensitive server administrator functions can be conducted in a safe environment. Allow for mobile VPN clients for further flexibility.

Other Managed Security Services



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