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Load Balancing

Scorpio Web Hosting offers load balancing services with scalable options that deliver high performance and availability for your internal and external IP client access – at affordable rates.

High Performance
Our load balancing services increase the capacity of your IP servers (such as web servers, FTP servers, and E-Mail servers), sharing the load among a large number of servers and making them function as one large virtual server India. Scorpio Web Hosting's load balancing services deliver:

Connectivity –A unique routing algorithm enables persistent connections without sacrificing high performance. Capacity – Both in-path and out-of-path load balancing enable your servers to handle a huge amount of traffic; out-of-path configuration allows for up to 30,000,000 concurrent connections.

High Availability
The failover provisions in our load balancing solutions maximize your IP application availability. If a server in your web farm fails, our load balancing service will automatically bypass the failed server and use the secondary servers. High Security

Layered Tech's load balancing solutions include a number of dedicated firewall features to ensure the integrity of your data and protect your server from attacks.

Security features include:

  • Network Address Translation
  • Denial of Services Protection
  • TCP SYN Protection
  • SSL Support




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