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Lowest Latency in India

If your business is situated in India, it is always beneficial to take hosting services from a data center in India. This is so because if you take hosting services from a hosting firm located outside India, you have to pay much higher than that you would pay in India, and also your business websites will suffer from latency in accessing data because of different time zones. As an Indian organization grows and hosting requirements increase, it is always beneficial to go for an Indian data center for availing hosting services rather than heading towards countries like U.S. or U.K. To help you better comprehend this point, we have given under some important advantages of hosting in India.

Advantages of Hosting in India

Minimum Latency
If you are using a server located thousands of miles away for hosting your website(s), it would only result in delayed site response due to the latency factor, and in worst case you may also frequently get request timed out message, even though the data center is running fine. If you opt for us, you would get much faster access to your data because our servers are located in India and thus minimum or no latency would be there.

Time Zone Advantage
Calling your hosting service provider and making a query in the midnight would be a really frustrating job, which you have to undergo in case your hosting service provider is located abroad or in another time zone. As we are an Indian data center firm, we can provide you complete support during the day time, though you may call us in the night hour as well if need arises.

Save Expenditure on Foreign Currency
You can pay for our services in the Indian currency, which will obviously save your expenditure on foreign currency. We also provide certain free of cost services to our clients with our existing service plans; this also helps you in saving valuable costs.

Legal Accountability
Unlike a foreign data center, there is the legal accountability on us to provide quality services to you because our data center is located within the jurisdiction of India. The presence of SLAs also increases our accountability as it makes the customers more aware about their legal rights while taking services, especially internet related services.

SEO benefits
Hosting with an Indian firm also provides you SEO benefits. That is to say, being hosted in India the chances of your site appearing on the premier search engine pages like Google India, Yahoo India, MSN India, etc., increases as the search queries here would be more specific to your site content.



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