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Managed Hosting

Every second matters when a hosted application is mission-critical. Lost revenue, damaged reputation and halted productivity are just some of the nightmares that companies face when their hosting service in India goes down. Our team is dedicated to every client, 24/7, to keep things running smoothly. A decade of managing complex, transaction-intensive applications has given Scorpio Web Hosting the experience to be pro-active in heading off disasters, knowing immediately if anything goes wrong and acting quickly to resolve any issues.

With the hunt for a competitive edge in today's marketplace; no two companies are exactly alike in issues faced, needs or even wants. Scorpio Web Hosting works with each client to design a customized managed hosting solution not only for their current hosting requirements, but also with the ability to rapidly scale when needed. Scorpio Web Hosting's expert sales and administration team will help develop a solution that has all the hosting components that are needed, including load balancing, security controls, and bandwidth and backup solutions unique to each company.

  • Customization
  • Proactive verses reactive
  • Higher performance, reliability and security
  • Faster time to market
  • Ease of scalability
  • Assistance with Security Audits
  • Increased bandwidth to handle spikes in visitor traffic

Any company with sites that have a high number of visitors, confidential information and/or complex web applications, knows what these benefits can mean to the bottom line, but at what cost? Other managed hosting companies might have surprise charges; Scorpio Web Hosting includes all hardware, software and management in a simple monthly fee.

Managed Hosting Features

  • Network infrastructure The Scorpio Web Hosting team fully manages all aspects needed to utilize Go4Hosting's robust and scalable network architecture which includes intrusion detection, routers, switches, redundant power systems and redundant bandwidth providers.
  • Hardware Procurement and Deployment Scorpio Web Hosting guarantees every server. A team of Go4Hosting administrators will order the necessary hardware components and build the exact server(s) to specifications, with spare parts and extra servers are kept on site in the event repair or replacement of a server is needed. The team will then deploy the server into the Tata's network at Scorpio Web Hosting.
  • OS Installation and Configuration A team of Scorpio Web Hosting administrators will manage the installation and configuration of the operating system.
  • 24x7 Customized Monitoring is done 24/7/365 by Scorpio Web Hosting's Network Operations Center administrators who use a web-based monitoring tool known as Web Sense. The key to success is urgency in responding to alerts and executing clients' requests. Scorpio Web Hosting is dedicated to cross-training its team so calls can often be resolved without having to always escalate to a specialist.
  • Administration Support Scorpio Web Hosting provides 24/7/365 full hardware maintenance, onsite and technical support.
  • Security Scorpio Web Hosting expert consultants develop customized security methods that will ensure data integrity.
  • Rapid Response and Recovery A failing hard disk or an accidental erasure of a vital file, accidents happen. With Go4Hosting there are no worries, the engineers can rapidly restore data, servers and functionality. Recovery is enhanced when coupled with redundant systems, managed database services and high-availability architectures.

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