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Microsoft Exchange 2013 Plans

Transform Your Email into a Real-time Business Tool with scorpio branding's Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007, Featuring New 2/5GB Mailboxes.

When you select a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution it's more than just email. While free online tools may provide you with a few options that your users can implement, scorpio branding's Hosted Exchange provides all the functionality of a complete business email solution, including mobile device integration and contact and calendar sharing.

Demo Username: [email protected] | Demo Password: [email protected]
# of Mailboxes/Users 3 10 25 50+
Disk Space per Mailbox 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
5 GB
Total Storage 15 GB 50 GB 125 GB 250 GB
Month-to-Month Contract
  Rs. 1295/- Rs. 3495/- Rs. 7495 Call for Details

Email Hosting Features

  • Network Infrastructure
    The scorpio branding team fully manages all aspects you need to share in our robust and scalable network architecture, which includes intrusion detection, routers, switches, redundant power systems, and redundant bandwidth providers.
  • Hardware Procurement and Deployment
    A team of our administrators will order the necessary hardware components and build your server(s) to your specifications. The team will then deploy your server into the Data Center network. We guarantee your server so we keep spare parts and extra servers on site in the event we need repair or replace your server.
  • OS Installation and Configuration
    A team of our administrators will manage the installation and configuration of your operating system.
  • Full Monitoring
    We use Industry's finest tools from Companies like Cisco, Juniper for Web-based monitoring tool known as Web Sense. All monitoring is 24 / 7/365 by our Network Operations Center staff.
  • Administration Support
    scorpio branding provides 24/7/365 full hardware maintenance, onsite and technical support.
  • Security
    Our expert consultants develop customized security methods that will ensure the integrity of your server

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