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Redundant Specs

Unannounced power failures convert to productivity and business loss. If you are choosing Go4Hosting as your trusted website hosting and data center solutions provider, then you will never experience such unfortunate situation. We are N + 1 Redundant Complaint data center.

What is N + 1 Redundancy?

N + 1 Redundancy is a form of resilience which makes sure that the overall system architecture is in place and active in case of a component's failure. This failed component in a hypothetical situation is termed as N.

Hence, N + 1 means that even if the primary power component of our data center fails at any given time, we have another power component called N + 1 which will provide the crucial power backup to the system, and will ensure that productivity is not compromised.

Our power source is mainly dependant on two power plans: Hydro Power Plant and Thermal Power Plant. These two power plan fuel our electricity and energy needs through dedicated 33KV lines which results in uninterrupted and unhindered power supply to our data center. And this converts to non-stop flow of power and energy to our website servers, thus providing you more productivity and more business.

Scorpio Web Hosting is India's one of the most preferred and popular website hosting and data center solutions enterprise. We power some of the biggest global businesses and corporations, enabling them to conduct their operations uninterrupted. To know more about our plans and features, you can always contact our Sales Team or start an online char right away!




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