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Tier 111 Certification

In the modern times, when most of the organizations are growing in operations and scope at a fast pace, their data handling requirements are also expanding in the same proportion. The critical organizational data is like the lifeline of the modern businesses and thus it is to be handled with utmost care and attention. Any loss of data would result in the consequent loss in the business and in some cases would even bring the business to a standstill.

It is clear from the above discussion that the crucial organizational data is very important for the successful operating of a business organization and it needs to be given in the most secure hands. Tier III data center perfectly suits to this requirement of the contemporary business firms.

Tier III data center offers N+1 redundancy, which is of course a very good redundancy level that ensures system availability even in the event of component failure. The system availability percentage is very high, i.e., 99.95%, and the downtimes are restricted to a maximum of two hours per year. Tier III also provides a concurrently maintainable site infrastructure, which eliminates the possibility of maintenance downtime. Such a data center is capable of handling or fulfilling the requirements of any large firm.

Scorpio Web Hosting is a certified Tier III Data Center that follows a professional approach while dealing with your critical business data. We have one of the most advanced security systems in place that ensures safety of your data against any kind of unauthorized access and also against factors like fire, power cuts/fluctuations, and even catastrophes. All important equipment in our data center like servers, telecommunication and networking devices are dual powered for data security purposes.



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