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Why Dedicated Server

Leasing a dedicated server India was never easier. With Go4hosting Dedicated servers, you can obtain full control over the server including its OS, and hardware. World class hosting solutions, fully ISO 9000:2008 compliant are now available at state-of-art data centers of Scorpio Web Hosting. No matter whether your business thrives on a Windows server or a Linux-based environment, Scorpio Web Hosting offers comprehensive and reliable solutions for both.

Scorpio Web Hosting Web Hostig services boast of an ultra-modern data center that has 100% Dell Hardware and fulfils professional requirements of power, cooling, fire protection along with CCTV and manned surveillance round the clock on its premises. Dedicated Servers

As against Colocation Servers, the client owns and provides the server that is placed in the data center India. Managed support of server includes maintenance of the operating system that covers mostly security updates, & software patches. There could be varying levels of management include adding domains, users, custom programming or even daemon configuration,

The administration support for Dedicated Server varies from one hosting provider to other. It could take the following forms:

  • Unmanaged - In this case the service provider has scarce to no involvement while client offers all maintenance, security, upgrades, and patches.

  • Self Managed support covers regular monitoring and a little maintenance. The majority of operations and tasks on dedicated hosting server are provided by client.

  • Fully Managed - This type of support covers operating system upgrades, software updates monitoring, reboots, security patches with little inputs from the client.

  • Managed Support indicates intermediate level of monitoring, management, updates, and a limited amount of support. Specific tasks may be performed by the client.

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